Damian has packaged his 10 REINVENT WITH INTENT chapter videos listed below into a comprehensive video series with supporting materials to help you transform yourself, your brand, and your business.

In these videos, Damian Mason shares knowledge gained from his own ReInvention of self and business. He also uses real-world illustrations you can learn from to navigate your own transformation. You’ll gain usable practices to positively change your personal and professional life.  

If you need a dose of motivation to create the new you, this is it. If you want a life and business of your choosing, this program is for you. If you want to learn in 5 hours what it would take years to master by trial-and-error, this course is for you.



Damian's REINVENT WITH INTENT! video series includes: 


3 Methods of ReInvention

There are three paths to ReInvention: change your product, change your customers, or change your image. You will learn how to employ all three methods for a successful transformation of your brand and business.  

What You Need and What You Don’t

You’re likely overwhelmed with the daunting task of change. In this segment I’ll make it very easy for you to identify what you need and what you don’t. If you truly WANT to ReInvent yourself, your brand, and your business, only your absolute NEEDS will get in the way of the new you and your new business.

Goals and Goal Setting

Goals are a checklist to the life and business of your choosing. In this chapter we discuss goals versus business plans, goals versus mission statements, goals versus shopping lists, and goals versus New Years resolutions. We’ll define what a goal is, why you need to set them, how to set them, and tips on how you accomplish what you said you would.  

Getting Past What’s Holding You Back

You have things inside your head preventing you from achieving your capabilities. You also have people stunting your growth. This segment will help you grow past your limiting factors and put that which is holding you back in the rearview mirror. 


For you to be successful and for your business to achieve longevity, you must comprehend the principles of finance. “But I’m an idea person, not a bean counter!” Too bad. You’re in business now and businesses exist to earn a profit. This segment will get you out of the red and put you in the black! 

Be Careful Who You Listen To

ReInvention is uncharted territory. There are people coming out of the woodwork to give you their two cents. From the Peanut Gallery, to the Professional Advice Givers, to the endless stream of books and business media, this chapter provides direction on who you should listen to!


You’ve done the hard work of ReInventing. Now it’s time to sell the new product, establish the new customer, and market the new you! This chapter contains Damian’s Top Ten Rules of Sales to get you past your sales reluctance. Remember, If nobody sells a terrible thing happens. Nothing! 

Constant Creativity

When it comes to business success, I always say, “Ideas are the easy part, implementing them is the difficult part.” Truth is, ideas aren’t easy until you’re in the habit of regularly cultivating creativity. This segment will help you keep your white board full of new concepts.  

Your Common Thread

In this chapter we’re going to mine your past and pick your brain for common threads. The goal: to weave those common threads together to create a beautiful tapestry of success and fulfillment — A ReInvented life and business that is in congruence.

Acceptance, Age, Fear, and Fulfillment

What are you currently accepting that you’re going to alter in your ReInvention of self, brand, and business? Do you use age as an excuse when it’s really more about fears than years? This chapter covers all these topics on your path to the life of your choosing.