Meeting Planners, for  Reinvention  marketing materials,  click here .

Meeting Planners, for Reinvention marketing materials, click here.

What your audience will take away from this program: 

  • The 3 methods of ReInventing
  • Why any successful transformation requires elements of all 3
  • Real world examples that apply to your business
  • Action steps to avoid commoditization
  • The dangers of being pigeon holed
  • Why attempting something new won’t kill your business but stagnation will! 


How to thrive in a constantly evolving marketplace

This rapid paced, humorous, business keynote examines evolution versus extinction.  Why do some companies die while others thrive?  Why is consumer relevance the most important objective any business can strive for?  

Damian answers those questions while inspiring people to continually transform to stay in front of tomorrow's marketplace.  He provides implementable lessons to achieve prosperity and longevity.

In business, as in nature, there are 2 options: ADAPT OR PERISH.  Success and longevity depend on your ability to reinvent yourself, your brand, your business — and maybe even your industry. 

Oldsmobile was once America’s most popular automobile.  People watch movies but they don’t rent them from Blockbuster anymore.  Which is why Damian says, “Reinvent.  Because nobody cares how good you used to be!"

  Meeting Planners, for  Agriculture: Trends, Topics & Tomorrow  marketing materials,   click here  .

Meeting Planners, for Agriculture: Trends, Topics & Tomorrow marketing materials, click here.

Recent topics:  

  • Ag is consumer driven and they didn’t ask for enormous chickens
  • People don’t really want to “know where their food comes from”   
  • Why Ag’s “cheap food” story is outdated by several decades
  • Trade isn’t North American Ag’s silver bullet
  • Foodies, the Internet, farmers markets, and fair trade coffee are good for Ag
  • The hierarchy of human needs, hybrid vehicles, and the religion of environmentalism
  • High fructose corn syrup is the new tobacco
  • Who thrives in tomorrow’s Agriculture

Agriculture: Trends, Topics & Tomorrow

An insightful and entertaining look at current issues impacting the business of food, fuel, and fiber.

Damian Mason is an Agriculturist.  His presentation is a fast-paced mix of Ag economist, futurist, talk show host, and comedian.  

Damian addresses the “F” words of Agriculture: 
Fair trade
Food police
Finance, and the
Future of our industry.  

The program is constantly updated and customized to your particular segment of Agriculture.  

  Meeting Planners, for  Humor for the Heart of Agriculture  marketing materials,   click here  .

Meeting Planners, for Humor for the Heart of Agriculture marketing materials, click here.

People in the business of Agriculture love Damian’s hilarious, ag-themed material, and they respect his knowledge and advocacy for the industry. Damian delivers side-splitting ag humor with a point. Few ag speakers are funny without appearing hackneyed, and fewer are both exceptionally funny AND authentically farm knowledgeable like Damian!

Humor for the Heart of Agriculture

Hilarious Ag-themed show with a positive message your audience won't stop talking about! 

Damian is America's funniest agricultural humorist. Your meeting is guaranteed to be a success!



Extended Program Sessions

These extended sessions may be booked with your event's keynote presentation or as a separate engagement.

For Business

In this intimate breakout session, Damian will meet with your management/leadership team or sales force to further explore the future challenges facing your business or industry, providing step-by-step advice on your choice of a variety of business topics from: 3 Methods of ReInvention, What You Need and What You Don’t, Goals and Goal Setting, Getting Past What’s Holding You Back, Money, Be Careful Who You Listen To, Salesmanship, Constant Creativity, Your Common Thread, and Acceptance, Age, Fear, and Fulfillment.

For Agriculture

Similar to the business breakout session, Damian meets with your members in an intimate breakout session for an in-depth discussion on the specific challenges facing the business of agriculture and changes you can make to strengthen your position in this ever-changing marketplace. Get step-by-step advice on your choice of a variety of topics from: Sales, Communication, and Business Practices.