I’ve Never Written A Speech (and neither should you)

I’ve delivered over 1,600 paid presentations since resigning from my sales job in 1994. Speaking is my business. But I’ve never written a speech. Neither should you and here’s why.

Aspiring speakers fall into two categories: Readers and Reciters.

“Readers” stand on stage and deliver their speech, word for word, just as they wrote it.

“Reciters” take the stage like a Shakespearean actor, belting out pages of memorized lines like a high school drama student.

Your audience didn’t come to hear an audio book or see a play. They came to hear you — a real person — inform, entertain, enlighten, or inspire them.

I didn’t say “Don’t Write”

My background is comedy. I’ve written thousands of pages of material and I still create new content regularly. That’s called staying current.

I refine speech material down to a key word outline. I know the story, comedy, and message that accompanies key word “Coke.” Because I’m not reading a script, I can omit or add points to keep it free-flowing and pertinent to the audience.

Take it from the King

According to a documentary I once saw, Elvis corrected a reporter who said people attended his concerts to hear his music. “No,” Elvis said, “If they wanted to hear my music, they could stay home and listen to my records. These people came to see a show.”

Likewise, your audience didn’t come to hear a recording. Talk about what you know, make it authentic, and above all, relevant to the audience. 

Damian Mason speaks about the two things he knows best: Agriculture and Business ReInvention. Find him at www.damianmason.com