Don’t Fall for the Food Guilt Trip 

In their quest to end animal agriculture by controlling what you eat, animal rights radicals increasingly turn to guilt. 

A pig was “murdered” for your pork chop. The climate is changing because you eat cheeseburgers. A “baby” calf is thirsty now because you stole its mother’s milk. If only you’d switch to a steady diet of organic bean sprouts and dandelion greens, all would be right with the world. 

So the guilt trip goes from the veg heads who place livestock on par with — or even ahead of —human beings. 

Guilt is a powerful emotion. You need emotion if your argument is devoid of logic. PETA and HSUS understand this. They’re not only up against logic, they’re going against human evolution — people are omnivorous by nature. We’re at the top of the food chain because of our enlarged brains. Brains we grew because of protein consumption. 

Back to the guilt trip

Remember, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals isn’t seeking “ethical” animal treatment. PETA seeks a world with no meat, milk, eggs, leather, or fur. Likewise, the Humane Society of the United States isn’t pursuing “humane” livestock farms, they want there to be no livestock farms. 

Of course, they won’t tell you that’s their radical agenda because they know you’ll reject it. Only 2% of Americans are vegetarian for a reason — humans crave animal products in their diet. Hence the guilt trip. 

Lately, animal activists are pushing guilt on lovers of dairy products. 

They say, “A cow’s milk is meant for her babies." Never mind that cows have calves, not babies. The word baby humanizes livestock, thus it’s intentional use. 

And: “Humans are the only species that drinks milk after infancy." Again, you’re supposed to feel remorse for enjoying milk that’s “not yours." But I don’t. Because I’m a dairy farm boy. Which is why I came up with this short list for the animal rights whackos. Here are a few additional things humans do that other species don’t, in addition to consuming milk past infancy: 

Operate computers. Fly airplanes. Drive cars. Invent self driving cars. Launch satellites. Calculate numbers. Talk in multiple languages on cell phones. Study architecture. Cure polio. And last but not least, have sex for pleasure versus strictly for reproductive purposes. 

Now bring me a cold glass of chocolate milk. Because I’ll drink to that. 

Damian Mason is a farm boy, Ag speaker, and lover of dairy products. Find him at