Getting Past What's Holding You Back

Everyone says they want to make positive changes.

Few will actually do it. Why? Three reasons: laziness, fear, or an inability to let go of negativity from their past.

This is sad, because happiness and prosperity are both intentional outcomes. You can ReInvent to create the life and business of your choosing. To do so, you must grow beyond items in your background that are restricting your growth.

Here’s how:

Realize most people don’t care. They don’t care what you were in high school. Or that you failed a few times. Or that you got fired from your second job. The majority of people weren’t there, can’t remember, or have moved on. You should too!

Let your past motivate you. No, you’re not doomed because of an impoverished background or lack of Ivy League pedigree. Use your past as inspiration. America loves a rags-to-riches story. How about Howard Schultz (Starbucks) or Dolly Parton for example?

Move. Maybe what’s holding you back is your environment. Nothing brings fresh perspective like a little distance!

Sever toxic relationships. Some of your old friends don’t want you to succeed because that makes them look bad. Likewise, some of your professional relationships are toxic — they don’t want you to improve because it might cost them money! To get where you want to go, you must end “comfortable” relationships that are detrimental to your development. Remember, misery loves company!

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