3 Things More Important to Your Business (and Life) than the Election

It’s been a month since the very interesting election of 2016.  Since then, you’ve seen every media talking head tell you what this election means.  Too many business people buy into the hype, convinced their enterprise will be greatly impacted by who occupies the Oval Office.

Sure there will be changes to the tax code - there always are.  There will also be a rework on health insurance laws, a reexamination of international trade, and dozens of other initiatives.  But will federal politics really impact your business?  

I’ve run my own enterprise for nearly 23 years.  I resigned from a sales job with a large corporation in 1994 to embark on a career as a political comedian dressed up as Bill Clinton.  My business was completely influenced by who occupied the Oval Office.  Chances are, yours isn’t.  

Rather than festering over the political landscape you can’t control, concentrate your effort on these three things you CAN control.  

As a business person or aspiring entrepreneur, the most important thing you can do is make yourself more valuable to those you serve.  Seek more training.  Make yourself stronger by adding expertise and accreditation.  Invest in capital improvements that make you more productive.  Expand your offering.

On the home front, save your money!  Money buys freedom to create the life and business of your choosing.  You may be ecstatic about the election or depressed with the results.  Either way, you are in charge of how you spend your money and your time.  Remember, spending is often times just spending, but investing pays dividends!

The customers you serve today are your best advertisement.  There is no such thing as “word of mouth advertising.”  There is, however, “word of reputation earned by doing a great job for the people who hire you.”  

But that’s not enough.  Your clients will eventually die or move onto another phase in their life where they'll no longer need what you provide.  So what should you do?  Maintain a disciplined, ongoing system of new customer creation.  Every dollar you are going to earn for the rest of your life is currently in someone else’s pocket.  And that person might not even be on your radar today.
Sales is:  helping people identify their problem and positioning yourself as the solution to their pain.  

The marketplace doesn’t change on a four year rotation like it does in politics, it happens constantly.  Your offering will grow stale.  Less inventive types see your success and want a piece of it.  They’ll compete the only way the non -innovative know how: by being cheaper.  Eventually your margins suffer as you become a commodity in the eyes of the marketplace.  

Your ability to re-create yourself, your brand, and your business in an evolving business climate will effect your prosperity far more than who delivers the annual State of the Union address.  

Ask yourself, “what is my business doing to remain relevant to a paying customer?”   Relevance = Demand.  Demand = Income.  You stay relevant by satisfying tomorrow’s needs.  

Presidents change.  Political winds change.  But business fundamentals remain the same.  Invest in yourself and your business.  Create next year’s customer this year.  And continually innovate — tomorrow belongs to those who see it coming, complacency is slow death!

Damian Mason is a speaker, businessman, farm owner, and small biz advisor.  Find him at www.damianmason.com