Taking a Disruptive Pivot from Business Buzzwords

It’s only November, but I’m starting my New Year’s resolutions with a vow to pivot away from disruption in 2017. For a solid two years now, my business has been disruptively disrupting its disruption in a phenomenon that just two decades ago would have qualified as a paradigm shift. 

“Whoa,” you’re saying. “Are you pivoting too quickly? Managing change requires time for your synergies to synergize with your core competencies.” 

True, my disruptive pivot might be premature. My business, after all, is diverse and dynamic, while being ethically conscious and people-focused. But every good buzzword-driven organization must look to the future as it thinks outside the box. That’s how I’ve built a scalable, right-sized, sustainable organization with highly engaged employees. Actually, I don’t have employees, but if I did, I’d call them Associate Team Members (ATMs) so they’d understand their value. 

So, as I pivot to my re-engineered, socially embracing, customer driven model, my objectives fall into 3 buckets: inclusiveness, outreach, and environmentalism. 

Granted, I have no idea what those three words in the bucket even mean or why they were placed in a bucket. But just a few years ago it was trendy to “bucket” things in boardroom talk. This was in the primitive days, before companies were cloud-based and collaborative. 

If all this sounds like mumbo jumbo straight out of a corporate mission statement or a company website, it is. And that’s the point of this article: Business Buzzwords are Bullshit. 

The vernacular changes like fashion or pop music, but business fundamentals stay pretty much the same. Work smart, take care of your customers, and never rest on your laurels because complacency is slow death. 

I speak to business groups on the subject of ReInvention. Before you accuse me of more jargon jingle, I’ll define exactly what that means. ReInvention is the purposeful act of evolving your brand and your offering for tomorrow’s marketplace. You accomplish this in 3 specific ways: change your product, constantly cultivate a new customer base, and develop a different image. 

Too many firms, from the sole proprietor to the Fortune 500, operate in their comfort zone. Instead of trying something new, they cling to what they’ve always done and say things like “These are our core competencies.” Rather than reinventing, which requires effort and risk (two things most people avoid!) they change the words they use to describe themselves and their organization. 

If you’re a fan of trendy talk, by all means latch on to the next phrase that strikes you. Just realize this: Success tomorrow belongs to those who reinvent themselves, their product, and their image, to remain relevant to a new customer base. 

Damian Mason helps individuals and organizations reinvent for prosperity in tomorrow’s marketplace. Find him at www.damianmason.com