The Future of Food Production


Did you know: In the 1800s, Hiram Moore began inventing designs for the combine harvester, one of the most important economical inventions in Agriculture. Other developments in irrigation, tillage, and genetics have led to an agricultural economy that would hardly be recognizable to farmers of previous centuries.

We learned the hard way during the Dust Bowl that some common practices were detrimental to the quality of our soil, and developed hydrology, biology, geochemistry, and engineering practices to improve soil quality and keep that level of devastation from happening again.

Today, as a result of all of these (and other) technological advancements, farmers can yield bigger, healthier crops than ever before, with about a tenth of the labor investment.

Who knows what new technologies will be unlocked, that will continue to improve our Agricultural efficiency, while preserving the ecology of our soil and the health of consumers?

The future of food production will certainly combine both organic and conventional farming practices with new technology we've yet to develop.

Damian Mason is a farm owner, business person, professional speaker, and proponent of scientific advancement in Agriculture.