Recommendation Letter from ICBND


August 23, 2016

RE: Damian Mason

l've had the pleasure of working with Damian Mason twice now in the last two years. Our first meeting was as a keynote speaker at our week-long Annual Agricultural Lending School for our community bankers. They loved him. He did a humorist keynote that really gave them new insight on how the world views farmers and what the farmers are dealing with. It was a nice break from all the numbers and case studies they had been working on so far that week.

The second was just at the Independent Community Bankers of North Dakota Annual Convention. Damian kicked off our convention as the Opening Session speaker. What a great way to open the convention – so much energy, humor, and great information for all our bankers – from bank owners and CEOs to lenders and emerging leaders.

Damian is a pleasure to work with. He was in touch with me by email prior to make sure that I had everything I needed for marketing and also set up a phone call before the session to make sure his keynote would be spot on for our group. I would highly recommend working with Damian!

Wendy J. Ruud
Vice President
Independent Community Banks of North Dakota (ICBND)