In my prior life, I was a political comedian.  It was my job to pore over news and observe current events then comment comedically.  Sadly, there’s nothing funny about the huge disconnect between urban elitists along with the DC establishment and those of us in rural America.  

 As I flipped between 6 different networks on Election Night, I heard one out of touch media talking head say, “Gosh, it’s as though these people resent being told they live in Fly Over Country.”   Another, demonstrating her extreme isolation from real America said, “Michael Moore (the leftist documentarian) understands these people…these unemployed factory workers…. these Midwestern voters…”   As though she were trying to comprehend Aboriginal tribesman from the Australian Outback even though she was referring to Americans.  

We in Ag and rural America are used to being overlooked.  When a 4 inch snowstorm hits Washington, DC, it merits a solid week of 24 hour coverage, a special name for the storm, and dire predictions about what might happen to the almighty government if congressional staffers can’t get to their offices.  

Meanwhile, a freak winter storm blows through South Dakota in October, ravages ranches and the ranchers who operate them, and kills half the cattle herd.  Yet not one media person east ofSioux Falls or west of Rapid City covered the devastation.  

I’d like to say this will change but I’m not sure it will.  Urban residents outnumber the rural population by 83-17 according to the last census.   Just 7% of the U.S. works in the business of Agriculture.  And, in a country of 320 million people, just 1%, or 3.2 million of us, are farmers or ranchers.  

The numbers won’t change for us in FarmVille- we’ll always be outnumbered and perennially misunderstood, along with our blue collar neighbors here in the heartland.  But I choose to look at the positives of Election 2016.   An election where the peasants from Fly Over Country shocked the media and put the DC ruling class on notice.  When rural America’s voice is actually heard, that makes America great again! 

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