It’s National Fast Food Day in America so raise a Whopper and celebrate!


As an Agriculture and Business Guy, the impact of fast food on both categories is immeasurable. Fast food, love it or hate it - and Americans seem to love it because it’s a $208 billion industry - is here to stay!

Smile and say “cheese!”
American cheese consumption has nearly tripled since 1970, from 8 pounds per capita to 23 pounds. Some cheese goes with wine, but lots of it goes with pizza — Pizza Hut uses 300 million pounds of cheese each year. That’s about 3% of all the cheese produced in the United States.

Do you want fries with that?
In the U.S. alone, people eat over 1 billion pounds of beef at McDonald’s in a year, which is 5½ million head of cattle. And, worldwide, the chain sells 3.4 billion pounds of spuds!

Eat Fresh (just about anywhere!)
Subway has more locations than any other restaurant chain with 45,000 outlets in 112 countries. The chain has franchises in some unusual spots including: a car dealership in California, a church in Buffalo, a Goodwill store in South Carolina, and in 2010 a Subway franchisee served sandwiches to construction workers from a container dangling off the framework of the new World Trade Center in New York.  

Where’s the beef?
McDonald's gets blamed for everything from obesity to scalding hot coffee, but from a business standpoint consider this: the chain has grown from its first franchise in Phoenix in 1955 to over 36,000 stores across the globe. The furthest an American can get from the golden arches is a remote part of northern Nevada that’s 115 miles from a Big Mac.  

Give McDonald's credit for their ability to reinvent to remain relevant in the marketplace. They developed the Happy Meal in 1979, created the Egg McMuffin in 1972, and last year began serving all day breakfast, which is credited for the company’s turnaround. You can complain about McDonald's, but consumer demand created Mickey D's - Ray Kroc just built the stores!   

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