Post Election Thoughts for Agriculture - 1 of 5 (Regulation)

Between the protests, the predictions, the hoopla, and the hype, there hasn’t been enough intelligent dialogue on what a Trump presidency spells for Agriculture.  While we’ve certainly heard every out-of-touch media pundit pontificate on what Donald Trump’s election says about “fly over country,” nobody from the media has actually strayed from the East coast to talk to the people of Agriculture.  

Under the Obama regime, government grew.  A lot.  Like $20 trillion dollars worth.  To accomplish this bloat and wast, the federal government hired more people and created more laws for those people to enforce.  During much of Obama’s presidency though, Agriculture was drunk on 7$ corn, protein prices that made cowboys rich, and a run up in land prices that made us all millionaires.  On paper anyway.  

While we were in the midst of this Ag Super Cycle, the EPA created WOTUS and pushed an Enviro-genda the likes of which have never been seen before.  Armed with the environmental lobby and Obama’s blessing, EPA sought to regulate every mud puddle in America, restrict animal production, fine farmers for errant dust, and nearly created a carbon tax.   

Trump promises less regulation.  EPA isn’t the only office in DC hurting Agriculture.  Obamacare’s premium increases will financially harm the Agriculturally self employed.  Additionally, FDA and USDA were pushed by many of Obama’s supporters to expand their regulation of - or even outright ban of - GMO technology.  

The list goes on from green initiatives that changed our tractor emissions to potential regs on methane from livestock.  The regulatory environment should get better for Agriculture which is good news, because in a break even economic environment, we don’t need more costly restrictions and government red tape to comply with.

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